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Black Bird Lily:

Black Bird Lily
Type: Asiatic Hybrid
Flower Color: Deep Red
Flowering: July August
Foliage Color: Light Green
Planting Time Spring Summer
Fragrant: No
Height: 24" - 26"
Zone: 4 - 9

About the Black Bird Lily:

The Black Bird is 24" - 36" tall, it's superb for containers.
'Blackbird' boasts dramatic color in a compact form.

It has blooms from 3"-6" wide, with very sturdy stems that keep them fresh over a long period, before or after cutting. Whether you love your Lilies in the garden, in the vase, or wherever you can get them, you will like the Black Bird.

You might wonder why a red Lily is called 'Blackbird.' It's true that the base petal color is a deep, intense red. But the smoky-black shading and freckles at the base and center of each petal give it a dark gloss. Coupled with the satiny texture and wing-shaped petal structure, the blooms really do

This lily will return season after season for a glorious display.


Black Bird Lily