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Butter Pixie Lily:

Butter Pixie 
Type: Asiatic Hybred
Flower Color: Golden Yellow
Flowering: July August
Planting Time Spring Summer
Fragrant: No
Height: 14" - 18"
Zone: 4 - 9

About the Butter Pixie Lily:

The Butter Pixie has yellow Blooms with noticable stamens that are set off by the bloom. The blooms are up facing.

The leaves are narrow and open.

As most lilies the Butter Pixie likes well drained soil. It likes to be damp but not over watered.

We grow our Lilies in 8” pots with a mixture of Peat Moss, Pumice, and Fir Bark. This mixture seems to allow for good drainage and holds moister well.

Butter Pixie