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Akane Apple



Pollinator Required:



semi dwarf

Characteristics :


Mature Height :

12 – 14 feet

Support Required :


Bloom Period :

Mid Season

Sun Exposure :

Full Sun

Will Produce Fruit In:

3-5 years


Early Season

Soil Type :

Widely adaptable

Zones :

5 – 8


About the Akane Apple :

Akane, Malus 'Akane', is an apple tree that produces fruit that is attractive, medium sized, bright red, and has firm, white, juicy flesh that is somewhat tart. 'Akane' has moderate scab and mildew resistance. Harvest time is mid-August to late September. Akane's good candidates for cross pollination are: 'Liberty', 'Spartan', and 'Gala'. Careful early training, annual pruning and shaping are required to insure healthy and productive trees. Akane is a cross between a Jonathan and Worcester Pearmin. Because of this heritage, the Akane is an excellent dessert apple, with a tart flavor & distinct aroma, but does not store well. Ideal for coastal climates. Akane is very reliable, even in poor fruit years you can count on this tree to have fruit on it!

A good pollinator: Liberty, Spartan, and Gala