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Idared Apple



Pollinator Required?


Type :

semi dwarf

Characteristics :


Mature Height :

12 – 14 feet

Support Required :


Bloom Period :

Mid Season

Sun Exposure :

Full Sun

Will Produce Fruit In:

3-5 years


Mid October

Soil Type :

Widely adaptable

Zones :

5 – 8


About the Idared Apple:

Idared is popular in both fresh and processed markets. Idared is a solid bright red apple that keeps well in long term storage. This medium-vigor tree bears young and annually with heavy crops. Blooms early-mid season and makes a good pollinate. Susceptible to fire blight.

A variety of apple that has bright red outer skin and a cream colored crisp textured flesh. Idared apples are also termed as Ida Red.

Idared blooms in mid-season and will pollinate all other early blooming apple varieties, varieties blooming in the middle of the season, and also varieties blooming late in the season.

A good pollinator is Yellow or Red delicious.