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Van Cherry




Pollinator Required:


Van Cherry



Characteristics :


Mature Height :

20 feet

Support Required :


Bloom Period :

Late April

Sun Exposure :

Full Sun

Will Produce Fruit In:

2-4 years


Mid June

Soil Type :

all types

Zones :

4 – 8


About the Van:

 The Van cherry is very hardy. Resembles Bing cherries because the fruit is similar to Bing, though usually smaller. Pollinator is required. It will pollinate (inter-fruitful) with all popular sweet cherries. Enjoy magnificent cherry blossoms every spring.

Van is one of the best pollinators for any other sweet cherry tree. The Van cherry tree is hardy, vigorous and a prolific bearer of high quality sweet cherries.


The following three cherry varieties are good pollinators Bing, Lapin and  Stella for the Van cherry.