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Golden Glory Dwarf Peach



Pollinator Required:


Golden Glory Dwarf Peach



Characteristics :

large, delicious

Mature Height :

5 - 6  feet

Support Required :


Bloom Period :


Sun Exposure :

Full Sun

Will Produce Fruit In:

2-4 years



Soil Type :

Well drained

Zones :

4 –8

Golden Glory Dwarf Peach

This dwarf peach tree will treat you to very large sized fruit with golden skin and a light red blush. The Golden Glory Dwarf Peach is yellow, with delicious juicy flesh. Freestone. The attractively colored peaches look good against the green foliage. Delightful pink spring blooms are an added bonus, giving an incredible splash of visual interest as well. Good for cold areas, needing 700 hours of chilling. Since it only reaches about 5 feet in height, it is invaluable for container use on porch, patio or deck. Small enough to be planted in large shrub beds for great form and color.