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Improved Elberta  Peach



Pollinator Required:


Improved Elberta  Peach



Characteristics :

Yellow Freestone

Mature Height :

14-20  feet

Support Required :


Bloom Period :

Mid Spring

Sun Exposure :

Full Sun

Will Produce Fruit In:

2-4 years



Soil Type :

Well drained

Zones :

5 – 9


About the Improved Elberta  Peach:

(mid-September) was introduced in 1907 and has great name familiarity. It also is known as Early Elberta, Gleason Elberta, Lemon Elberta, and Stark Early Elberta. Don’t confuse Early Elberta with July Elberta, as the two varieties are quite different. Improved Elberta also is different from the standard Elberta, which seldom is grown in Oregon because it matures too late. Improved Elberta fruit have yellow skin with a red blush. The flesh is yellow, firm, freestone, and resists bruising. Fruit are good fresh, canned, or frozen, and they have a tangy flavor that’s better than Elberta’s.

Improved Elberta has name familiarity, and many customers ask for it; yet, many of the newer introductions have a better appearance. Improved Elberta does not compete well against redder varieties. It’s a good producer, but it tends to drop fruit just before maturity. It matures so late that early rains increase the chance of brown rot. It is one of the few yellow varieties that ripen satisfactorily even when picked slightly green.