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Comice Pear



Pollinator Required:


Comice Pear


semi dwarf

Characteristics :

dessert pear

Mature Height :

12 – 14  feet

Support Required :


Bloom Period :

Mid April

Sun Exposure :

Full Sun

Will Produce Fruit In:

2-4 years


Mid August

Soil Type :

All Types

Zones :

4 – 9

About the Comice :

The Comice Pear produces a large pear with a very juicy, melting flesh. It has an outstanding flavor. The Comice is not self-pollinating and requires a pollinator. Grow these and put them in your own gift boxes.

The giant, juicy, rich-flavored pears are golden with a trace of red. It’s also blight-resistant. It is sometimes referred to as the "connoisseur’s"

Good pollinators for the Comice are Bartlett and D Anjou.